Apollo (2023.08.18)
Jason Kolàrsteelpan

At live show of a Spanish sound artist Cristian Subirá aka Jason Kolàr, Machida will play steelpan.

Time/Date: 19:00-, 16 Sep, 2023
Artist: , Jason Kolàr, Yoshio Machida
Charge: Donation 1,000yen- + 800yen(1D)
Info: Apollo

Narativ Cards 1.0 & Narativ 1.0 (2023.08.11)
Narativ Cards

Machida’s creative card "Narativ Cards 1.0" (in Japanese) is published. It’s a card deck that helps you get inspired and have fun. App version "Narativ 1.0" (iOS / Android, billingual) is also available. When you're stuck for ideas, you can refer to 40 hints to develop your ideas. Based on general tarot, which is a collection of the wisdom of our ancestors, it is incorporated ideas from narrative therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy and quantum mechanics, reinterpreting the meanings to fit modern situations and making them more intuitive to use.

[card version]
distribution: Visionary Company
Price: 3,300yen (+ tax)
Info: Narativ Cards 1.0

[application version]
■iOS: Narativ 1.0
■Android: Narativ 1.0

Exit Strategy Vol.2 (2023.07.15)
ochiai soupochiai soup

Machida will play Synthi AKS.

Time/Date: 19:00-, 30 Jul, 2023
Artist: Akira Sakata + Mitsuhisa Sakaguchi + Cal Lyall + Joe Talia, Carl Stone + Yumiko Tanaka, Shizuo Uchida + Yoshio Machida
Charge: 2,500yen (1D)
Info: Ochiai Soup

Hotasho GW Festival 2023 (2023.04.15)
ohkyo maruyama

Machida will play steelpan at a cultural center in Chiba (former elementary school).

Time/Date: 13:00-, 7 May, 2023
Info: Hota Elementary School

Ohkyo Maruyama TV documentary (2023.03.11)
ohkyo maruyama

Machida made soundtrack for NHK TV documentary "Ohkyo Maruyama, The temple of miracle".

On air: 20:00-21:00, 12 March, 2023
Info: NHK BS8K

HALHIGAN (2023.03.09)

Ohanami (Yoshio Machida + Tatsuhisa Yamamoto) will play for a Halhigan festival at a temple, Ryodenji.

Date: 21 March, 2023
Time: 11:00-16:00 (Ohanami will play at 14:20.)
Info: Ryodenji, Tokyo

Shinro Ohtake (2023.01.05)

NHK TV program "A Painter Ohtake Shinro, 21st Century Bug Man" that Machida made the soundtrack is now palyed at The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.

1 Nov, 2022 - 5 Feb. 2023
Info: The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

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