YOSHIO MACHIDA: news in 2006
Loop Pool Ping Pong Posted NOV. 7, 2006
Machida participated to DVD "Loop Pool Ping Pong" produced by Graw Boeckler in Cologne. This DVD is commissioned by the 52nd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2006. Further info is here.

2 gigs Posted OCT. 25, 2006
Machida will play at the following gigs.

*DATE: 7 November / 20:00-
Super-deluxe, Roppongi, Tokyo

*DATE: 11 November / 18:00-
andZONE, Shinjuku, Tokyo
*CHARGE: adv.2000yen, door 2500yen

V.A. Water Music Posted AUG. 28, 2006
Machida participated to "V.A. | Water Music" releeased from Commune Disc.

Live Instore: ABC Roppongi Posted AUG. 28, 2006
Machida will play at ABC Roppongi book store.
*DATE: 16 SEPTEMBER / 15:00- & 16:00-
*PLACE: ABC Roppongi book store, Tokyo
Toyama denki Bldg. 1F, 6-1-20 Roppongi, Minato-ku

LIVE Posted JUN. 19, 2006
Machida will play at the follows.

DATE: July 1 sat
TIME: 18:00-
PLACE: NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] 4F, Tokyo
ARTISTS: Piana, Yoshio Machida, Pardon Kimura
Admission Free

Internet broadcasting

HMV Shibuya
DATE: July 23 sun
TIME: 16:00-
PLACE: HMV Shibuya 2F, Tokyo
Admission Free

DATE: July 31 mon
TIME: 19:00-
PLACE: Enban, Koenji, Tokyo
ARTISTS: Yoshihiro Kawasome, Tupornu, Yoshio Machida, etc.
CHARGE: 1000yen with 1drink

Apple Store
DATE: Aug 27 sun
TIME: 20:00-
PLACE: Apple Store, Shibuya, Tokyo
Admission Free

Naada Posted MAY. 27, 2006
Machida's solo album will be released in July. Further info Amorfon

MaerzMusik 2006 Posted FEB. 8, 2006
Machida will play at MaerzMusik 2006 - Festival of Conemporary Music with Christophe Charles, Boris D Hegenbart, Seiichi Yamamoto in Berlin. Further info > MaerzMusik

MaerzMusik 2006 / Sonic Arts Lounge

DATE: Thu 23 March | 22:00
VENUE: Haus der Berliner Festspiele
CHARGE: 11.50euro
Christophe Charles: electronics
boris d hegenbart: input realtime sound processing
Seiichi Yamamoto: guitar/electronics
Yoshio Machida: steel pan/realtime sound processing

With the support of The Japan Foundation

Seiichi Yamamoto, Yoshio Machida, Christophe Charles and boris d hegenbart- four musicians, composers, sound acrobats and researchers- have set up a common work-in-progress project in preparation of MaerzMusik 2006. Their performance at SONIC ARTS LOUNGE will not aim at presenting a "finished product" but rather offer views of continually changing and self-regenerating sound worlds, based on the concept of a non-deliberated, in-flux music that possesses the flexibility to change in reaction to varying contexts - concepts like those amalgamated above all by John Cage in imitation of his experiences with Zen and the ideas of Henry D. Thoreau.

Music Clip screened Posted JAN. 11, 2006
Machida's music clip, "Pollen" (from CD album: Infinite Flowers) will be screened in Taiwan. It will be held between Jan.16 - Feb.5. The sample movie also can be seen at Amorfon's website. > Amorfon
further info, www.weatherinmybrain.org