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Radio Panik (2010 Belgium)
Articles about Yoshio Machida
Sound & Recording (June, 2014 Japan) Sound & Recording (July, 2005 Japan) Kyoiku Ongaku (October, 2005 Japan) BT (July, 2002 Japan)
Interviews to Yoshio Machida
Fifteen Questions (2020 Germany) tokafi (March, 2014 Germany) intoxicate (vol.80, 2009 Japan) tokafi (April, 2008 Germany) salon (Ver.3.0, 2003 Japan) musee (Vol33, 2001 Japan) DICE (Vol.32, 2000 Japan)
Selected Reviews
CD "Premeditation", The Wire (Aug, 2020 UK) CD "Music from the SYNTHI 100", Neural (#60, 2018 Italy) DVD "Scape Dance", Shukan Kinyobi (May, 2011 Japan) CD "The Spirit of Beauty", Pen (December, 2010 Japan) CD "Steelpan Improvisations", The Wire (June, 2009 UK) CD "Steelpan Improvisations", Music Magazine (June, 2009 Japan) CD "Steelpan Improvisations", his VOICE (April, 2009 Czech) CD "Hypernatural #3", Signal to Noise (fall, 2008 USA) CD "Hypernatural #3", The Wire (September, 2008 UK) CD "Naada", CD Journal (June, 2006 Japan) CD "Infinite Flowers", Studio Voice (February, 2004 Japan) CD "Hypernatural", The Wire (May, 2000 UK)
Selected Essays
"Oval / OvalDNA", intoxicate (vol.96, 2012 Japan) "Yan Tomita, Fischli & Weiss", intoxicate (vol.88, 2010 Japan) "Interview to Jim O'Rourke", intoxicate (vol.82, 2009 Japan) "Pianorchestra and Jegog", intoxicate (vol.78, 2009 Japan) "computer music", Page 66 (2007/2008 UK) "Amorfon", Improvised Music from Japan (December, 2005 Japan) "Global Ear: Macedonia", The Wire (August, 2004 UK) "Tree with light in", musee (May, 2000 Japan)

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