YOSHIO MACHIDA: news in 2012
Live Recording Album Posted DEC. 12, 2012
Live track by Tadahiko Yokogawa and Yoshio Machida was released on iTunes. (Live recoding at Super Deluxe in 14, Sep. 2012.)

INFO: iTunes

Rainbow Caravan Radio Posted NOV. 27, 2012
Machida will appear on a FM radio program "Rainbow Caravan" in 23:20-23:50, 1st, December. You can listen to the program on internet, too.

FM Parurun

Kazusa FM

FM Senri
INFO: Tokyo Bay Studio

Quiet Tokyo - organic jam session Posted NOV. 27, 2012
Machida (steelpan) will play improvisation with some artists at an old Japanese house.

Date: 15 Sat, Dec 2012
Time: 18:30open/19:30start
Place: Rakudoan, Kanda, Tokyo
Artists: Hideki Ishima (sitara, guitar), Yoshio Machida (steelpan), Yuki Kaneko (violin), Miwa Sato (sitar), Norimasa Sakanoshita (guitar)
Charge: adv 2,500yen / door 3,000yen
reservation: TEL 090-9807-9207 / orbmusicjapan@gmail.com
INFO: Rakudoan

Machida (steelpan) will play improvisation using Jegog (bamboo gamelean) scale with Yoshida Daikiti (sitar).

Date: 22 Thu, Nov 2012
Time: 19:30open/20:00start
Place: The Foxhole, Kichijoji
Artists: Yoshida Daikiti (sitar), Yoshio Machida (steelpan).
Charge: adv 1,500yen (+1D) / door 1,800yen (+1D)
reservation: TEL 0422-20-5025

Daisuke Takaoka x Yoshio Machida x Toshiyuki Ichiraku Posted OCT. 15, 2012
Machida will play with Daisuke Takaoka (tuba) and Toshiyuki Ichiraku (drum).

Date: 21 Sun, Oct 2012
Time: 19:00open/20:00start
Place: Barrel House, Ikebukuro
Artists: Daisuke Takaoka (tuba), Toshiyuki Ichiraku (drum), Yoshio Machida (steelpan).
Charge: donation
Info: Barrel House

The Future People Cultural Festival 2012 Posted OCT. 1, 2012
Machida will play at The Future People Cultural Festival 2012. Machida will exhibit a sound installation in the park, too.

Date: 3 Sat, Oct 2012
Time: 12:00-19:00
Place: Fountain Park in front of Toyama prefectural office (Toyama)
Artists: Rankin Taxi, Chieko Beauty, Yoshio Machida, etc.
Charge: free
Info: The Future People Cultural Festival 2012

5 solos, for ensemble of 6th Posted OCT. 1, 2012
Machida will play Steelpan with drum and electronics.

Date: 13 Sat, Oct 2012
Time: 19:00-
Place: Shinsekai (Roppongi, Tokyo)
Artists: Taro Sukegawa, Toshiyuki Yasuda, Yoshio Machida, EMiKO VOiCE, William Tokuhisa
Charge: adv. 3,000yen, door 3,500yen
Info: Shinsekai

i8u "Surface tension" tour Posted AUG. 10, 2012
Machida will play with Tadahiko Yokogawa (Vln, electronics) at the event, i8u "Surface tension" tour in Tokyo organized by murmur records.

Date: 14 Fri, Sep 2012
Time: 19:00-
Place: Super Deluxe (Roppongi, Tokyo)
Artists: i8u x Keiichiro Shibuya, sawako x Toshimaru Nakamura, Tadahiko Yokogawa x Yoshio Machida, Jun Iijima x hakobune x yuki aida
Charge: adv. 3,500yen, door 4,000yen
Info: murmur records

miimo 5 Posted AUG. 10, 2012
Machida's Dub band "miimo" will release 5th album "miimo 5". 10 tracks including a cover track, "All Blues" of Miles Davis.
INFO is here. (Japanese)

Steelpan Improvisation Series Posted JUL. 11, 2012
Machida will release 12inch vinyl, "Steelpan Improvisation Series" in August, 2012. It contains his acoustic steelpan improvisations. limited edition of 100 copies, special transparent disk. INFO is here.

Summer Summer Posted MAY. 16, 2012
Ohanami (Yoshio Machida-steelpan + Tatsuhisa Yamamoto-drum) will play at Super Deluxe.
Changed Ohanami live to Yoshio Machida solo live. (14 Jun. 2012)

Date: 15 Fri, Jun 2012
Time: 19:30-
Place: Super Deluxe (Roppongi, Tokyo)
Artists: Kufuki, Yoshio Machida (Ohanami), Kukangendai, DJ Ari
DJ: elly(Wonderyou), Kojima Hiroyuki
Charge: adv. 2500yen, door 2,800yen (w 1D)
Info: https://www.super-deluxe.com/room/235/

Live@Strings Posted MAY. 16, 2012
Machida will play solo steelpan and vintage steelpan.

Date: 27 Mon, May 2012
Time: 19:30- & 21:00-
Place: Strings (Kichijoji, Tokyo)
Artists: Ourhouse, Yoshio Machida
Charge: door 1,500yen (+1D)
Info: http://awaha.blogspot.jp/2012/05/528-livestrings.html

overtone universe Posted APR. 19, 2012
Machida organized an event by only metal instruments like Gamelean, Crotale, Steelpan.

[overtone universe]
Metal instruments, it might came from space....
Metal instruments have special overtones in them. Since ancient times, this effect of the overtone by purcussion like gong have been used for ceremony. "overtone universe" is an event that 3 musicians will play minimal improvisation by only metal instruments like Gamelean, steelpan, crotale and some metal percussions. Neither organized tone nor noise, let you explore with special tone in between.

[Introduction about the musicians]

Kohei Kawamura (Gamelean)
Gamelean player, shadowgrapher. The leader of TAIKUH JIKANG. Gamelean team Urotsutenoyako member, play with OLAibi, Asazaki Ikue x Yoshida Daikiti, Alayavijana, etc.

Tatsuhisa Yamamoto (Crotale, metal perc.)
Drumer of Jim O'rourke band, Natsumen, Ohanami (with Yoshio Machida). Play with Muneomi Senju, Eiko Ishibashi, Phew, etc.

Yoshio Machida (Steelpan, vintage steelpan)
Steelpan player, composer. Found experimental music label Amorfon. Play in alternative Dub band "miimo" and poly-rhythm Jazz "Ohanami".

Date: 8 Fri, June 2012
Time: 20:00-
Place: THE FOXHOLE (Kichijoji, Tokyo)
Artists: Kohei Kawamura (Gamelean), Tatsuhisa Yamamoto (Crotale, metal perc), Yoshio Machida (steelpan, vintage steelpan)
Charge: adv 1,500yen (+1D) / door 2,000yen (+1D)
reservation: TEL 0422-20-5025

"a little something" for contributions for Japan earthquakes 2011 Posted APR. 9, 2012
Machida will play at the event, "a little something" for contributions for Japan earthquakes 2011,organization by Japanese musician/percussionist Izumi Misawa. All the proceeds will be donated to JAPAN EARTHQUAKE over by "THINK THE EARTH PROJECT,Think the Earth Fund".

Date: 17 Thu & 18 Fri, May 2012
Time: 19:00-
Place: THREE (Shimokitazawa, Tokyo)
Artists: On 17th: Naoya Izumi, small color, Hiroki Chiba, trico!, 34423(+ Izumi Misawa) / On 18th: Izumi Misawa, itoken, paniyolo, Yoshio Machida, FourColor
Food: Rie Yoshiwara
Charge: adv 2,000yen (+1D) / door 2,500yen (+1D) / 3,000yen
reservation: ticket3@toos.co.jp
Compilation album "a little something"

news news
Lick the Silence Posted APR. 9, 2012
Machida will play at a nice Japanese-style house: artist-run-space "merdre" in Fuchu, Tokyo, with Cal Lyall and Nozomu Suwa (16mm film).

Date: 22 Sun, Apr 2012
Time: 14:00-
Place: merdre (Fuchu, Tokyo)
Artists: Asagiiro, Child Pr0n (aethertronics), DJ Evil Penguin, 23N!(installation), Iain Chambers (from the UK, Solo Guitar), Ezra Woolnough, Take Bothfaces, Ryo Nakamura, Takahiro Kawaguchi, Bazl Whammy, Cal Lyall (strings and electronics) + Yoshio Machida (steelpan) + Nozomu Suwa (16mm film)
Charge: 1,000yen (+ 1 D)
INFO: merdre

V.A. your heaven Posted MAR. 27, 2012
Machida's band "miimo" will appear in a Japanese drama "Innocent". On TV "WOWOW" from 22:00- on 14th of April, 2012.

INFO: WOWOW Drama: Innocent

V.A. your heaven Posted MAR. 27, 2012
V.A. "your heaven" including Machida's piece "Bloom"(from Naada) and Ohanami's piece "Well-Tuned" (from Ohanami) is released from Wonderyou.

INFO: Wonderyou

Yoshio Machida plays Synthi AKS Posted MAR. 10, 2012
Machida will play EMS Synthi AKS with Steelpan.

Date: 21 Wed, Mar 2012
Time: 20:00-
Place: The Foxhole (Kichijoji, Tokyo)
Artists: Takefumi Kobayashi (perc), Tatsuhisa Yamamoto (dr), Yoshio Machida (steelpan, synthi)
Charge: 2,000yen (+1D)
INFO: http://foxhole.exblog.jp