yoshio machida


Amorfon is a borderless/experimental music label founded by Yoshio Machida in 2004 in Tokyo. The aim is cross cultural synergy. Amorfon releases not only experimental music but other musics which can not be categorized to specific genre from experimental, electronics, electoro-acoustic, improvisation, audio art, pops and world music.

01 FITZ ELLARALD / The very air seems replete with humming and buzzing melodies
02 YOSHIO MACHIDA / Infinite Flowers
03 CINC / Shine of Wot?
04 VA / *Music For Baby!
05 VA / Kindermusik: Improvised Music by Babies
07 HORKESKART / Live in Solitude
08 CINC / Polyphonic Poetry
09 WALK WITH THE PENGUIN / Steal A Spoon For You
10 GENE BOWEN with Harold Budd / Bourgeois Magnetic
11 YOSHIO MACHIDA / The Spirit of Beauty
12 TALUGUNG / Anura
13 VA / Bay Rap - Voice Performance by Babies
14 Jorge Queijo, Hiroki Chiba, Yoshio Machida / Luminant
15 ŠIROM / I
16 YOSHIO MACHIDA / Tender Blues
17 Walk With The Penguin / Charm

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