yoshio machida


Yoshio Machida started to make collage work in the 90s. He used photopaper as one of materials for collage. It was used as a symbol of light. After several years, he extracted only this material and started to use it as main medium. He called this work "Photobatik". In 2011, Machida produced video works using images from Photobatik works. For solo exhibition in Bulgaria in 2012, he exhibited several works using rope, wire, embroidery and sound and video installation with the theme "Maru" (means circle). In 2023, he published his original creative card "Narativ Cards" (with Mileta Postic) by cards and "Narativ" iOS / "Narativ" Android applications.

DVD work "Scape*dance (2011)" is here.

Orignal creative card "Narativ Cards" is here.

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